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Hi! I'm Jonathan, the owner of Northstar Security. 

You can have a super productive summer and make tons of money this year if you'll work hard with me. You can also help a lot of people find the peace of mind they are desperately searching for!

If you are tired of scraping by, eating noodles and broth for every meal at school or wish you had more time and means to explore the world, you need to work for Northstar Security this year.

By working hard and being committed, you can earn the living of your dreams. Imagine being able to travel for two or three months anywhere in the world, going to awesome sports events or even buying a house with the earnings you can make at Northstar.

Now, this job isn't for everyone, but if you are dedicated and honest, hardworking and teachable, then you can have the same lifestyle we've been able to give hundreds of others.

Explore this page; then call, send a text or even an email and I will reach back to you and schedule an interview within a couple of days!

-Jonathan Boyd
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An Intro to Northstar Security
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I want to make over $10k this summer.
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